Historians for Future are joining the environmental movement

Historians for Future support the climate movement by providing a historical perspective on the climate and biodiversity crisis we are facing. Climate change is not only a scientific issue. It is a human problem, bound up in questions of social justice and human values, and we believe that the humanities can help to solve it.

Historians have a particular set of skills and insights to offer. We are good at critically examining sources. We can shed light on the long-term effects of environmental policies. We can help to hold polluters accountable for their actions in the past. We can show how the relationship between humans and animals has changed over time. We listen to the people involved in the twentieth-century environmental movement and learn from them. We expose the lasting legacy of our colonial past and how it impacts climate justice.

This website is meant to help connect people who are interested in history and who would like to become involved in the environmental movement. At the moment, we are only a small team of volunteers, so this website is work in progress. Come join us and make it grow!