Through our podcast, H4F aims to provide a historical perspective on the climate and biodiversity crisis by talking with scholars about what we can learn from environmental history, the history of science and social history, the critical potential of historical studies for thinking about the future, and science from a liberal arts perspective… and about why this matters.

Each podcast series consists of 4 episodes:

This podcast goes

  • beyond academia
  • beyond individual research work
  • beyond the past

Ep. 1: What can we learn from history about the climate change we’re facing now?

Ep. 2: Science is key… but what about the humanities?

Ep. 3: A history of environmental activism

Ep. 4: A history of climate science

Each episode breaks down current research into bite-sized insights. H4F want to offer podcasts with leading historians (we understand «historians» in the broadest sense) on our relevant topics, so you and anyone interested in climate action can enjoy listening to it, are better informed, and feel encouraged to build more sustainable and just climate futures by learning about the complexities of our environmental past.

You find our podcast here or on your favourite platform (Spotify, Apple Podcast).

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