Interested in learning more?

Below are some of our go-to places for finding historical research and other interesting work. 

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Biblioteca Online de História Ambiental (Online Environmental History Library) – database with environmental history sources in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Cite Black Women+ in Physics and Astronomy Bibliography – database with professional publications by women and gender minorities in physics, astronomy, and related fields by Dr. Chandra Prescod-Weinstein.

“Environmental Justice Resources Online” – overview of digital projects and collections by the Environment & Society Portal.

Global South Climate Database – searchable database of scientists and experts in the fields of climate science, policy, and energy.

Reads and Resources” – overview of materials in Southeast Asian environmental history by Dr. Faizah Zakaria.

“Indigenous Climate Change & Climate Justice” – teaching materials and advanced bibliography by Dr. Kyle Powys Whyte.

Radical Hope – a group-sourced syllabus on environmental issues.

Teaching #NoDAPL in Ethics and Other Courses” – syllabus materials by Dr. Kyle Powys Whyte.

The Syllabus Project – database to diversify environmental history syllabi by Dr. Nancy Langston.

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“A Decolonial EJ Reading List” – compiled by the Global Environmental Justice Group at the University of East Anglia.

“A Week of Podcasts for the Advocate New to Climate Justice” – compiled by Alexis Plair (June 1, 2020).

BIPOC Ecologies Reading List” – Garden.

“Books, Reports and Research Groups on Our Radar”Covering Climate Now.

“Decolonising Science Reading List” – compiled by Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (April 25, 2015).

“Decolonizing Technology: A Reading List” – compuled by Beatrice Martini (May 10, 2017).

“Ten Books to Contextualize Idle No More”Active History (January 4, 2013).

“Race and Nature” – compiled by Dr. April Anson (June 10, 2020).

“Living Writers on Revolution”Edge Effects (June 16, 2020).

“Climate Justice is Racial Justice: A Reading List”Environmental History Now (June 11, 2020).

“Read Up on the Links Between Racism and the Environment”New York Times (June 5, 2020).

“Ten Books to Contextualize Environmental Racism”NiCHE (July 8, 2020).

“The 10 Best Books On Climate Change, According to Climate Activists”Teen Vogue (April 24, 2020).

“Environmental Justice” – The Red Nation.

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A Matter of Degrees – podcast by Dr. Leah Stokes and Dr. Katharine Wilkinson.

Boiling Point – newsletter by Sammy Roth.

Climate History Podcast – podcast by Dr. Dagomar Degroot and Emma Moesswilde.

Dam Straight – newsletter by Varsha Venkatasubramanian.

Drilled – podcast by Amy Westervelt.

Ecotones Now – podcast by Emma Moesswilde and Natalie Wilkinson.

For The Wild – podcast by Ayana Young.

Generation Green New Deal – podcast by Sam Eilertsen.

Hack The Planet – newsletter by Anant Kapoor.

Heated – podcast and newsletter by Emily Atkin.

Hot Take – podcast and newsletter by Amy Westervelt and Mary Heglar

How to Save a Planet – podcast by Alex Blumberg and Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson.

How to Survive the End of the World – podcast by Autumn Brown and adrienne maree brown.

If Not Us, Who? – podcast (episodes coming soon) by Dr. Alexandra Roginski and Dr. Yves Rees.

In Conversation: A Listening Series– podcast by Our Climate Voices

Inherited – podcast by Georgia Wright and Julianna Bradley.

Mothers of Invention – podcast by Maeve Higgins and Mary Robinson.

Nature’s Past – podcast by Dr. Sean Kheraj.

No Place Like Home – podcast by Mary Anne Hitt and Anna Jane Joyner.

Outrage and Optimism – podcast by Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac, and Paul Dickinson.

So Hot Right Now – podcast by Lucy Siegle and Tom Mustill.

Sustainable(ish) – podcast by Jen Gale.

The Breaking Point – newsletter by Rachel Ramirez.

The Frontline – newsletter by Yessenia Funes.

The Phoenix – newsletter by Eric Holthaus.

Think: Sustainability – podcast by Julia Carr-Catzel.

The Green Fix – newsletter by Cass Hebron.

Utopia Dispatch – podcast by Sarah Holliday, Ollie Levers, and George Richardson.

YIKES – podcast by Mikaela Loach and Jo Becker.

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