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As part of the upcoming Environmental History Week of the American Society for Environmental History later this month, we are organizing a session that explores the environmental (hi)stories of our home(s).

Covid-19 seems to have changed our perception of time. In quarantine, days feel longer, while the year sometimes also seems to rush by without the usual markers of time, like holidays and family gatherings. While most of us are confined to our immediate surroundings, perhaps this has made us more perceptive to the (hi)stories unfolding around us and the places we call home. Where’s home for you? What’s happening in the place you consider home? What changes in the environment have you observed or perceived? What environmental (hi)story unfolds?

By taking a different, microhistorical perspective in this session, we like to raise awareness for what has been, and what we envision or hope for the places we consider home in the future.

We’re excited for Amber Abrams, Animesh Chatterjee, Elena Kochetkova, Alesia Ofori, Jayson Porter, and Ramya Swayamprakash to share their environmental (hi)stories in our April 20 session moderated by Lea Beiermann, Elizabeth Hameeteman, and Isabelle Schürch. Illustrator Simon Zingerle will be recording the conversation graphically and try to weave the (hi)stories together. 

Environmental (Hi)stories From Home

*Date: April 20, 2021
*Time: 10:30 am EST / 16:30 pm CET

To register, click here.

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